My father had a massive heart attack and died when I was 10 years old.  It was a devastating! But it could have been a lot worse had my father not bought apartments and a duplex several years before he died. With the cash flow from these properties and my dad’s social security benefit –  my mom and I were able to stay in our home.

Had it not done been for the plan my dad had put in place, this life changing event could have been far worse.  My mom and I would have had to move from our home and move in with someone! I am afraid to think of how my life would be different.

That experience has shaped how I help each family plan for their future. The fun and easy part is the retirement plan and assuming that everyone lives a long and healthy life, but we also have to think about and plan for the “unthinkable” event.   Most clients tell of having a fear worse than dying- is outliving their money or being struck by a catastrophic health event.   We have hard talks and discuss things that most people would rather not think about.  But because  we do, when those thoughts wake them up at night, they remember we have talked and have a plan for the event, and they can then go back and

Sleep Well At Night.

I have been in the financial service business since 1995 and a Certified Financial Planner® since 2001. I am married to Melissa and we have 2 sons- Joshua and Caleb.