Bible-based Investing

Money is something that the Bible talks a lot about. Besides heaven, it is the most talked about topic that Jesus discusses. God knew that we would struggle with money, and he gave us some good guidance. I have heard some say that money is the root of all evil, but it’s not. If you read I Timothy 6:10, it really says the love of money is the problem, not money itself.

I am a big supporter of Dave Ramsey. I have participated in the Financial Peace University program. I have helped rich and poor alike set up budgets (or spending plans, as some need to refer to them). I am a believer in tithing, as well as gifts and offerings over that amount. I believe we are called to tithe to our home church. I believe debt can be a very dangerous thing and most should stay away from it. But I also know that debt is a necessary tool- especially when it comes to mortgages and college education.

I am not a big fan of social awareness investing. People higher me to make them money, and that is what I try to do. But the reality is, when we invest in mutual funds or ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that have large baskets of companies, there is a good chance we are investing in companies who are making or distributing things that most Christians would find objectionable; companies who directly or indirectly participate in things like pornography, gambling, alcohol and smoking. While we are all sinners, it seems that we would not want to invest in companies that make a profit from those sins. And many of those things are addictive!

Recently, I came across an investment which lets an investor participate in a large diversified portfolio of large blue chip and midcap companies. The beauty is through its several filters those companies which participate in those objectionable markets are eliminated. So our dollars go to those companies which provide great products or services, but stay away from the PAGS (porn, alcohol, gambling and smoking/tobacco). That is good news. The better news is we don’t have to sacrifice returns when we do this.

I came to Christ on Memorial Day 1991. Since then I have worked hard to learn more about the grace which God has shown me through his son Jesus Christ. In 1995, I was asked to submit a resume to a company which had the contract with the State of Texas to provide a 401(k), or Texa$aver, to their employees. I was offered a job and my career in financial services began. Over the years I have been blessed to help many families reach their financial goals.
In 2001, I sat for and passed my exam to become a Certified Financial Planner. I have worked for rather large companies for most of my career, but in 2016, my partner and I began SWAN DFW Financial Solutions. We are a Registered Investment Advisor. Our business is small but growing. Most of my clients have come from my church, are ministers I know, or ministers I have worked with – or are referrals from those folks. It makes sense to try harder to reach like-minded folks.

But what if you are not a believer? No problem, we will still do an outstanding job for you, just know you will get a good dose of Christ! I live by the adage – Every Christ follower has a past and every sinner has a future!
Some may be thinking, “this sounds good, but I don’t want to overpay.” Our promise is that you will get as good (and often better) pricing as banks, large brokerage houses or large financial planning firms. And your level of service will be far superior. After all, I know who it is I ultimately work for!