Communication is Paramount

Complete transparency in costs, thoughts, feelings and expectations are crucial to a successful relationship. For that reason, I lay out below what you can expect from mean what I expect from you.

My Commitment to You

  • I will never recommend a solution without first doing a complete analysis of your situation
  • I will be totally transparent about costs
  • There will be no hidden fee surprises.
  • I will give you independent advice on solutions and products – I will disclose pros/cons, costs and any conflicts of interest 

My Expectations of You

  • You will be open and share concerns, fears and anxieties or questions you have.
  • You will respond to my communication in a timely manner
  • You will implement the plan and we will tweak it as needed.

Investment Philosophies

  • The “probability of success” is the cornerstone of the plan. A plan will be implemented once it has a minimum of an 85% probability of success over 1000 different market scenarios.
  • Our investment decisions should be goal-focusedand planning driven(not market or performance driven)
  • Risk isn’t fluctuation. Risk is the probability we won’t achieve our goals – and that is the only risk we consider.
  • robust portfoliois low cost, tax efficient, and diversified across many asset classes
  • The short-term performance of a benchmark (index) is irrelevant to an investor’s long-term success, and yet its short-term fluctuations that people react to.
  • Investor behavior(choices, reactions) has the greatest impact on the long-term success of a portfolio