Sleep Well At Night. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you can’t sleep well at night you aren’t able to enjoy your life. My process is not based on maximizing your dollar, but on maximizing the enjoyment of your dollars.

To help you feel comfortable working with me, I am completely transparent with my process and what working together is like.

STEP ONE – 15 Minute Call

During our initial 15-minute call I want to understand what is on your mind, what are your concerns and what is your hot button. If we determine it is a good fit and decide to work together, you can expect the following meeting process:

First Meeting

Taking a Deeper Dive

45-minute video call

  • Your perspectives & experience with money
  • Your current life circumstances
  • Your values, goals and constraints
  • Discuss how mental shortcuts & emotions affect financial decisions
  • Begin gathering necessary data

Second Meeting

Define & Design a Plan

60-minute video call

  • Identify your financial & psychological tolerance for fluctuations
  • Review and update preliminary plan
  • Ask probing “what if” questions (see sample questions)
  • Discuss potential scenarios, pros/cons and tradeoffs
  • Begin mapping out your plan with your input (collaborative approach)

Third Meeting

Plan Delivery & Implementation

60-minute video call

  • Review entirety of plan
  • Prioritize what needs to be addressed
  • Highlight next steps to efficiently implement
  • Discuss implementation options: on your own or with SWAN Financial Solutions